The project vOICe project was created to help blind people to find surrogate eyes and begin to navigate the surrounding area! With crawl spaces and converting visual images into a coded sound signal vOICe helps detect moving objects and large print. Using the vOICe system can be likened to learning a foreign language: after a while, users comfortable with the sound image in the visual transformation, and will be able to recognize the environment "on the machine" without hesitation. 


The software continuously converts images from the camera to the complex sounds. For example, a bright spot of light gives a short beep. If it's a bright spot - on your left, then to the left and you will hear a sound signal, and vice versa. If the spot is moving, you hear a beep moves accordingly. Between two stains you receive two signals from three - three and so on. The horizontal line gives a long tone, as its constituent point, sounding together, produce a pure tone. The vertical line sounds like a sharp noise signal - a joint sound of its constituent points at different heights.

History of project
System vOICe works on the base of technologies and patents that were created by developer Piter Meyer in Netherlands. The first patent Piter got in the middle of 1990, and the first public version of the program of vOICe went out in January, 1998.
In 2007 I knew about technology of vOICe, that we allow to the blind people to see by means of sound, one of leaders of РТД tells Danila Medvedev. Was I surprised why is not such remarkable technology until now inculcated?
We decided to move forward a project, but appeared doing it is not nearly simple. Nobody wanted to think of it, all got used that a blind see by means of sticks and dogs. In Agency of strategic initiatives long drove us on cabinets. In the total a project was approved at first, but then set aside in a distant box.
In All-russian society of blind, knowing about vOICe very became interested, but said that financing under pre-production models can not distinguish. In the total we decided to collect money.

Collection of facilities started on, we were supported by 312 sponsors and project collected the necessary sum of money of Augusts, 4 2015 About us began often to write in MASS-MEDIA, place information on web-sites, we were supported by a benevolent fund the White walking stick and singer Diana Gurtskaya.



Project of vOICe develops in Russia due to Russian transhumanist Motion (РТД). We трансгуманисты we try to help blind people, inculcating accessible technology of substitute sight. In our plans enters to do five workers of prototypes of the system of vOICe and pass to their blind people with the purpose of the protracted exploitation and approbation of the system in Russia.
We will conduct the necessary educating, will give help psychological reason and getting used to vOICe. This test-drive will give a feed-back, will help to do her yet more comfortable and practical for future users.The complete set of the system of vOICe will consist of videoglasses with wi - by a fi transmitter and Mini-computer attended on a radio channel. Fastened the personal mini PC to the belt together with the compact source of feed. For the transmission of sound the superimposed headsets allowing simultaneously to hear surrounding will be used.
We together will be able to confirm an utility and functionality of the system. In the future we want to do vOICe a social project that will promote integration of invalids on sight in our society.